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Resources and References

There is increasing news coverage about e-philanthropy; and more articles and books are being written to help nonprofits, as well as institutional and individual donors, to find their way through the growing complexity of e-philanthropy space.

In this section, we have included a selection of recent articles that capture current trends and changes in e-philanthropy, along with books and specific Web sites that are essential references.

This is not intended as a complete literature review, and does not include all the articles and publications read by the researchers and writers in the preparation of this report.

Online Monitoring and Reporting Resources

This is an exploding area of online activity serving the social sector. The following are only a few of the main services that track nonprofit ideas, institutions, and people. These sites are distinguished from some others in that they function as regular news services, issued on weekly or bi-weekly schedules. Some are updated daily. For additional sites offering general information and resources, refer to Part II of this paper. Chronicle on Philanthropy - this may be one of the most essential news sites available to leaders in all sectors who are interested in news and trends that affect all institutions and stakeholders in the social sector. monitors the ethics of online behavior for nonprofits and those sites serving the sector. It also serves as a link to other resources about online fundraising and services.

Philanthropy Journal is a weekly news digest culled from many publications about social sector policies, donors, leaders, and trends. is a global site that monitors current events for their impact on nonprofit institutions, their services, and stakeholders. Philanthropy News Digest is a news service from The Foundation Center that highlights foundation-based grantmaking news. monitors nonprofit policies and fundraising news.

The Internet and Its Impact on the Nonprofit Sector and Society

Austin, James E. The E-Philanthropy Revolution Is Here To Stay, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 8, 2001. (Note: access limited to subscribers.)

Dugery, Jacqueline and Hamner, Carole. Coming of Age in the Information Age, University of Richmond 2000.

Online Policy Issues

Kingsley, Elizabeth; Harmon, Gail; Pomeranz, John; and Guinane, Kay. E-Advocacy for Nonprofits: The Law of Lobbying and Election-Related Activity on the Net, The Alliance for Justice.

Moore, Jennifer and Williams, Grant. Internet Appeals and the Law, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, September 7, 2000.

The Charleston Principles, National Association of State Charity Officials.

Giving Time and Money

Online fundraising has grown so much and so fast in the past 18 months that there are several books already on the market, as well as informational Web sites, to guide organizations through their deliberations and choices about how to incorporate the Web into their overall fundraising plans. Most of the online fundraising sites are, in effect, marketing sites for commercial firms looking for nonprofit customers. Therefore, nonprofits need to learn to be good consumers capable of picking and choosing the right array of services. In addition to services for sale, there are other sites (especially shopping sites) that register nonprofits with no fee (the income derives from advertising and/or registration fees collected from the commercial partners) and offer the nonprofit organization contributions from a percentage of sales.

Some of the best how-to and informational references about online fundraising include:


Corson-Finnerty, Adam and Blanchard, Laura. Fundraising and Friend-Raising on the Web, offers a series of essays on the changing online fundraising scene plus teaching materials from their classes and presentations.

Grobman, Gary. The Nonprofit Organization's Guide to E-Commerce. Offers detailed guidance for selling products online, adding an e-commerce component to an organizational Web site, and setting up online shopping or auction options for members.

Grobman, Gary and Grant, Gary B. The Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Fundraising on the Internet and The Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Getting Started on the Internet. The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation.

Johnston, Michael. Direct Response Fund Raising: Mastering New Trends for Results, John Wiley & Sons.

Johnston, Michael. The Fundraiser's Guide to the Internet and The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet: How to Survive and Thrive. Offers useful overviews of the environment for e-philanthropy, the tech-readiness needed by nonprofits to participate in online fundraising, and the numerous online options for buying fundraising services.

Stein, Michael; Allen, Nick; and Warwick, Mal. Fundraising on the Internet: Recruiting and Renewing Donors Online. Strathmoor Press, 1997. This was the first book to look at the intersection of nonprofit fundraising and the Internet.

Articles and Reports:

Hall, Holly. A Brave New World of Giving: Rapid Rise of Online 'Portals' Raises Big Questions for Charities, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, June 15, 2000.

Hodges, Michael. Clicking for Charity: New Web Sites Let Visitors Donate Money Without Opening Their Wallets, The Detroit News, February 12, 2001.

Schwein, Allison. The Charity Mall Report, April 2000. (Note: Currently unavailable)

Stein, Michael. Big Brothers Big Sisters on the Internet is written as an interview with Jonathan Stein, the development associate and information technology coordinator of BBBS-San Francisco and the Peninsula. The interview provides a practical and insightful case study for how one organization found its way through the numerous online options, and describes which online services have and have not been successful.

Stein, Michael. A Primer on Online Fundraising for Nonprofits, September 2000.

Technology Planning for Arts Organizations (part of the National Endowment for the Arts publication Lessons Learned: A Planning Toolsite) offers helpful advice, resources, and links for organizations contemplating technology planning.

NPower's Consumer Guide to Web-Based Donor Relationships Management Tools, NPower, February 2001. This report offers the results of an in-depth survey analyzing six donor-management service providers. The questions and answers cover site ownership, disclosure of results, array of services, and more.

NPower's Guide to Online Donations Engines, NPower, February 2001. This report transcribes the results of an extensive survey of 15 fundraising service providers. The questions and answers describe site ownership, disclo-sure of results, and financial fees for services.

Articles about Web turbulence:

Carlton, Jim. As Economy Slows, Dot-Coms Crash, Dot-Orgs are Paradigms of Stability, The Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2001.

Perkins, Anthony. When We're Down on the Internet, Up Pops the Evernet, Red Herring, January 16, 2001.

Wallace, Nicole. Financial Turbulence Hits Charity Sites, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, January 11, 2001. (Note: access limited to subscribers.)

Wallace, Nicole. Online-Giving Company to Cease Operations, March 8, 2001. (Note: access limited to subscribers.)

Sites: links the user to nearly 100 sites that offer design, technology, and strategy advice for developing an effective fundraising site. is a comprehensive guide to ASP and portal providers for the nonprofit sector, including all the online fundraising services. Frequently updated, nonprofitmatrix links its users to more than 50 related sites and also alerts its users when sites go down. offers a comprehensive list of Internet resources related to fundraising. monitors and posts new developments in e-philanthropy and fundraising, and links to Stein's numerous articles about the Internet and online fundraising. is a consulting firm that publishes studies about its online fundraising experience. is a United Kingdom-based site that offers design recommendations for fundraising sites, along with links to other current information and resources.

Virtual Volunteerism

Wallace, Nicole. A Virtual Army of Volunteers: Charities Find New Ways to Let People Do Good Works Online, The Chronicle on Philanthropy, February 22, 2001.

Workman, Bill. Volunteers in the Virtual World: Silicon Valley Dot-Commers Do Charity Work on the Web, The San Francisco Chronicle, March 2, 2001.