Coworking is becoming more and more popular

As businesses continue to transition to a more remote working lifestyle, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular. Coworking offers a unique solution to many of the challenges that come with remote work; it provides structure and camaraderie without having to work in a conventional office. Additionally, coworking spaces often provide amenities such as high-speed internet Read More

It is worth expanding online cooperation

As the world continues to navigate through a pandemic, one of the positive outcomes has been that many businesses have had the willing and ability to embrace digital transformation. Online cooperation, or the concept that two or more parties use digital means to interact, can bring a multitude of advantages, especially when it comes to Read More

Meet new people in coworking offices

Living a digital nomad lifestyle has been gaining serious traction recently, as many entrepreneurs and creatives are opting for self-directed schedules and the flexible working atmosphere of coworking offices. With these shared offices come the opportunity to connect with other remote professionals, digital nomads, and freelancers from all walks of life. Whether you’re established in Read More

Open Source development platform called Zope

Zope is an open-source development platform that has been gaining popularity amongst software developers and web designers. Launched in 1998, Zope harnesses the advantages of the Python programming language and has become an effective tool for creating dynamic websites, web apps and intranets. It is highly extensible, making it easy for developers to develop complex Read More

ACT helps other organizations and project teams to create low-cost but highly robust virtual workspaces

As organizations and project teams increasingly adopt remote working strategies, virtual workspaces present the perfect answer for day-to-day communications and collaboration. But the cost of such solutions can often be a barrier to success. Fortunately, there is now an effective and low-cost option available, through the innovative services of the American Council for Technology/Industry Advisory Read More